Zassy’s Food Trailer – Before & After

It all started back in 2015 when Zach and I came across this adorable 1976  Travel Trailer at a Sale in Orient, Ohio. I asked the owners if it was for sale, but they really didn’t want to part with it unless the price was right. We exchanged numbers and went home. I thought about it for awhile and decided I needed to have it, so we went back for it! I had plans to use it as a prop for my photography and for a back drop during our Barn Sales. Eventually, I wanted to fix it up inside and possibly resale it or use it to travel to shows.


Well a few months went by and we never got around to fixing it up, believe it or not we took on another adventure instead! My husband took over his Aunt & Uncles Red Caboose Food Trailer, yes the same one he grew up traveling the fair circuit in. Zach hit the road July of 2015 to play the southern fair circuit. I stayed home with Isabella and was pregnant at the time with Grayson. My mom would come over on some weekends and stay with Isabella and I would meet up with Zach to help him work the Caboose. This little travel trailer ended up being his home away from home for 3 months. Just the way it was. The only thing we had a chance to do was buy new curtains for it!


Below is a photo of Zach when he was 12 working in the Caboose and again after he took it over.



A Precious moment of our daughter Isabella and Zach on the back of the Caboose in 2015 during one of our Barn Sales.


We ended up only having the caboose from one summer. Sometimes doing business with family is not always best. We held our heads high and moved on 🙂


The travel trailer came back to it’s home on the farm and continued to get put on the back burner… until one day we were asked by the folks of Country Living Fair to bring our “Caboose” to the shows. I told them the story of us not having it anymore and they said “well if you ever get anything together, we know with your style it will be adorable.”

2016 went by and we still had not made it into anything. Then again in 2017 I was contacted by the same folks of the Country Living Fair about a food truck. That was it, I was not letting this opportunity pass me by! So at the end of August of 2017 we (and really I mean Zach.. I just designed and painted the outside) started demoing our little Travel Trailer into a Food Trailer! We needed to have it ready by mid September… YES we needed to have it ready in 3 weeks! Not only did we have to demo and buy all the equipment, we had to have it pass health code! Zach thought I was crazy when I convinced him that he could serve Pork Tenderloins and Steak Sandwiches out of a 12 foot trailer, when he was used to working out of a 25 foot Caboose lol. I knew he could do it 🙂



Here are some Before & After Photos of the outside and inside.








Zach tore out all the walls and replaced them along with the ceiling. Ripped out the bathroom and replaced the rotting floor. Every inch in this travel trailer would need to be counted for. We had to buy special sized sinks and equipment just to make it all fit. But boy, did it fit like a glove! Zach calculated everything perfect!






I am so proud to call this man my husband and best friend. Working beside him, the sky is the limit!