Zassy’s Chicken Coop Makeover

One of our favorite neighbors contacted us recently and asked if we would like to adopt her chickens, and we so graciously did! So began the Chicken Coop Makeover!


We started of with a tractor coop that our neighbor gave us. Below is the photo of what we started with. Then Zach framed in the run. Our chickens are free range, but we decided they needed a run for the days that we would not be home all day to keep an eye on them and make sure they didn’t run off into a neighbors property near by.

Progress Shot….



These are my favorite kind of DIY projects! Trying to use only things that we have lying around in my hoards of “junk”. They only things we had to purchase new for this project were the 2×4’s and a few more extra feet of chicken wire because we ran out in the middle of the project.


The wood along the bottom came off of our old “goat house” that was falling down and we took apart last summer.  We actually used it on our old store front for awhile as an accent wall.  We replaced the window with an old one out of our garage and the shutters I picked up at a garage sale several years back.  I just recently painted them blue for this project.  The bike belongs to my grandmother 🙂 The flower box I found in the top of our barn while cleaning out one of the lofts.  It was the original pigeon box from the barn.


All of these feeders are from my grandparents collection from when they raised chickens, ducks and peacocks.





We are truly enjoying the girls. They have provided us with daily fresh eggs, which is great because my kids love scrambled eggs and the hubby loves a fresh omelet. We look forward to slowly adding more animals into our farm. So far we have 2 goats, 6 hens, a mini donkey that will be arriving in September and we are going today to pick up a rooster! Stay tuned for more photos from around Zassy’s Farm! Thanks for checking out my blog! – Cassy