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Hey everyone! The sunroom Before & After Project is 90% complete so I thought it was time to share!

May of 2016 we Closed on our new home and started the venture of slowing making it our own.  Here’s the story.. We had big plans of building on the farm behind my grandparents house (who are currently the owners of the farm). We had mentioned this to my grandparents neighbor, about building up there, and they said “Don’t do that! We are ready to down size and move to Florida!” Although the house next door was not my “dream house”  it was a gorgeous house, that we could slowly make our own. I had drawn out every plan in my head about what the house on the farm was going to look like, but my husband and I finally decided that buying the house next door was the best decision, especially considering it came with an extra 5 acres, which is where we have always used for parking for the barn sale.

The “Sunroom” in the house is definitely what “Sold Me.” I knew it had great Zassy potential! Here is a Before & After photo.





I have to admit, since I’ve been pregnant with my 3rd (no joke with 2 other little ones running around) and been working our Store Front, my husband Zach has done most of the hard labor. I got the fun job of picking out everything, designing and decorating, while he got down and dirty.  Usually, I am hands on.. but like I said… Zach, painted EVERYTHING.  Walls, ceiling and windows. He also tore out the carpet and other flooring and replaced with our current flooring.  He replaced all the light fixtures and built our furniture in the room! Yes, what a man I have! He is the absolute best <3


We picked up this King Size headboard last summer at an estate sale.. never knowing what I am going to do with the items I find.. This beaut sat in our barn for a while until I decided it would make the perfect bench to go with the 10 foot farm table Zach built us! It is definitely one of my favorite pieces he has made to date.


Here is the GORGEOUS 10 foot farm table he made us along with our gorgeous NEW light fixtures! These can be purchased at of course 🙂


I searched high and low for chairs, but nothing compared to these chairs from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines.


I love my galvanized nesting boxes!



I found the Vintage Wood Santa in the back of one of my grandparents sheds many years ago <3


I found the santa pitcher and mugs about 5 summers ago at a local flea market.  It’s one of those flea markets that are so hit and miss.. and that day was a great hit for me!


The antique sleds came from my grandma.  She received them from Ruth Jividen many many years ago.  They belonged to Ruth as a kid. Many Grove City folks might have know Ruth.  Her family was one of the original settlers to Grove City.  Her homestead was the gorgeous white brick farmhouse at the end of Park Street and Haughn Road that the City now owns and is making into a museum.  Ruth and my grandmother were good friends. My grandmother lost her mom when she was little and she looked up to Ruth as a mother figure <3



I LOVE my cow prints. One named Shiloh from Down Shiloh Road and the other from a local Photographer Lyssa Ann Portraits.


My husband was sweet enough to go out into the cold the other day and cut some greenery for me, so I could make swags for our windows.


More greenery! The bucket is from Zassy’s 🙂


All of my centerpieces are also from our Store Front 🙂




This room really has been a “dream” for someone like me. My passion is making a house a home while giving it that warm, cozy, inviting feeling. Thank  you  so much for letting me share! Coming soon… Our Kitchen “Before and After” Project!

Merry Christmas! – Cassy


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