Our Kitchen Before & After

It’s hard to believe 2016 is coming to an end. What a year it’s been! Our little business has grown so much which has also brought me so much personal growth.  It’s been an entire year since my mother passed.  One of the hardest parts is her not being here to enjoy her grandchildren.  Her and Isabella had an incredible bond and it breaks my heart that she never got to meet our son Grayson, nor will she get to meet our new little girl we are expecting this April.  Her loss has been a very significant growth for myself. It’s made me stronger in so many ways, focusing on the positive and always stay moving forward.

Zach and I are blessed to be able to work hard and accomplish so many goals we set for ourselves. In just a year, in this order, we opened our very first Zassy’s Store Front, which has been incredible.. more support than we had ever imagined, had our son Grayson (which will be 1 February 3rd, a day after my moms birthday) purchased and moved to the house next door to the farm, had a successful Summer Barn Sale, found out we were expecting again, had a successful (yet muddy, very muddy) Fall Barn Sale, finished renovating 3 rooms in our new house all while running the store front and taking care of our growing family.

We have BIG plans, if the Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, a saying my Grandmother has used for many years.. it’s burnt in my head.. for 2017! Stay tuned… but for NOW I wanted to share with you our last and final project of 2016! Our Kitchen Before & After Project!






As you can probably see in the left side of the picture, my favorite room, our sunroom, is right off our kitchen. That’s why I decided to make it our “dining room”. This was a pretty simple update. The first thing we did was paint the cabinets with the RePurpose Paint that we carry on our website.  I chose Model T Black for the bottom and Crisp Linen White for the top. We took all the doors off and painted them outside with the Wagner airless sprayer.  The RePurpose Paint goes through the sprayer great! We hand painted all the cabinets. I am not a fan of using the sprayer inside.


Zach replaced all of the light fixtures. The one above the kitchen table is one Zach and I made together a few months after dating… One of the reasons I knew he was a keeper.. our common love for DIYing 🙂 The two above our island are pieces that are also available from our website to purchase.


The backsplash was a very nice stone, but it just did not work with the space I was trying to create. Instead of busting it out, I decided to paint it with the RePurpose Crisp Linen White paint and I love the way it turned out!


The most physical and expensive part of this Kitchen Makeover was replacing the floors. Zach did a great job as always! He replaced the floors in our old house and now he’s replacing all the flooring in our new house!



Now that the kitchen project is complete we will be moving on to the upstairs to work on the kids rooms and try to get the new nursery complete before this little monkey arrives <3


Thank you for letting me share and I hope you all have a fabulous New Year’s Eve! Grab ahold of 2017 and make those dreams come true! XO – Cassy